Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help Stop Wal-Mart from suing Debbie Shanks Petition to U.S. Congress

HI I have started a online petition to stop walmart from Suing Debbie Shank.I Need your help please sign the petition at
I need your help please email your local congressmen about the petition also any newspapers or tv stations thank you sincerely bertram haut Add to Technorati Favorites


benderxr said...

It is frustrating that you cannot find any information about where to sen contributions for Debbie shanks

Sunny0927 said...

The solution seems pretty simple ~ every American stops patronizing WalMart. When the store aisles are empty of shoppers and their income stream stops WalMart will be forced to listen..... This is the height of corporate greed!

Jerrie said...

I'm confused! All the talk is about "Wal Mart" getting the money back, but it was an "insurance company" that had the claus in their policy stating they would get money back if someone gets a settlement a result of an accident. That would mean the insurance company get the money, not Wal Mart. Does Wal Mart own the insurance company???